Buoy Owner Acronyms
AOMLAtlantic Oceanographic & Meteorological Laboratory
ASLArctic Submarine Laboratory
AWIAlfred-Wegener-Institute for Polar and Marine Research
CRRELCold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory
ECEnvironment Canada
JAMSTECJapan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
NOAANational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NRLUS Naval Research Laboratory
ODUOld Dominion University
PSCPolar Science Center
USIABPUS International Arctic Buoy Program
WHOIWoods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Buoy Logistics Acronyms
AARIArctic and Antarctic Research Institute
APLISApplied Physics Laboratory Ice Station
BGEPBeaufort Gyre Exploration Project
BGOSBeaufort Gyre Observing System
CAATEXCoordinated Arctic Acoustic Thermometry Experiment
CASIMBOCanadian Arctic Sea Ice Mass Balance Observatory
DNDDepartment of National Defense
JOISJoint Ocean Ice Study
NABOSNansen and Amundsen Basins Observational System
ONROffice of Naval Research
RDAFRoyal Danish Air Force
USCGUnited States Coast Guard

Buoy Type Acronyms
AXIBAir-Deployable Expendable Ice Buoy
CALIBCompact Air Launched Ice Beacon
ICEBIce Beacon
IMBIce Mass Balance
ITIce Tracker
ITPIce Tethered Profiler
SVPSurface Velocity Profiler
PAWSPolar Area Weather Station
UPTEMPOUpper Temperature of the Polar Oceans
SPITSpot Polar Ice Tracker

AOML Owned Buoy Type Acronyms
SVP(3)Argos2 SVP
SVPCArgos2 SVP + Conductivity=
SVPOArgos2 SVP + Optics
SVPSArgos2 SVP + Salinity
SVPWArgos2 SVP + Wind
SVPGOArgos2 SVP + GPS + Optics
SVPGS Argos2 SVP + GPS + Salinity
SVPGS3 Argos3 SVP + GPS + Salinity
SVP3A3Argos3 SVP
SVGHA3Argos3 SVP + GPS + Hull Humidity
SVP3GIIridium SVP + GPS (CLS Iridium)
SVPGHI Iridium SVP + GPS + Hull Humidity
SVPGSIIridium SVP + GPS + Salinity
SVGSHI Iridium SVP + GPS + Salinity + Hull Humidity
SVPVI Iridium SVP + GPS + Wave
SVPVHIIridium SVP + GPS + Wave + Hull Humidity
SVPB(2,4,D)Argos2 SVPB old formats
SVPBS Argos2 SVP + Barometer + Salinity
SVPBD2 Argos2 SVP + Barometer
SVPBD2GArgos2 SVP + GPS + Barometer
SVPBG Argos2 SVP + GPS + Barometer
SVPBW(D)(G)Argos2 SVP + GPS + Barometer + Wind
BD2A3Argos3 SVP + Barometer
BDGA3Argos3 SVP + GPS + Barometer
BDGHA3 Argos3 SVP + GPS + Barometer + Hull Humidity
BD2GI Iridium SVP + GPS + Barometer
BD2GHI Iridium SVP + GPS + Barometer + Hull Humidity
BD2GSI Iridium SVP + GPS + Barometer + Salinity
BD2VI(BD2VHI)Iridium SVP + GPS + Barometer + Wave (+ Hull Humidity)
BD2WHI Iridium SVP + GPS + Barometer + Wind + Hull Humidity