About the Data

Data Header (for data preview and downloads):
BuoyID, Year, Hour, Min, DOY, POS_DOY,Lat,Lon, (BP),(Ts),(Ta)

DOY = the day of the year to the decimal minute (1.0 to 365.999) of the reported data
POS_DOY = the day of the year to the decimal minute of the reported position
BP = Barometric Pressure, if available
Ts = Surface Temperature if available
Ta = Air Temperature if available

Note that "Surface Temperature (Ts)" is measured from the bottom of the buoy hull. If the buoy is floating, then the reported temperature is of the sea surface. If the buoy is frozen into the ice, or sitting on top of it, then the reported temperature is of the ground or ice. The freezing temperature of sea water is about -1.8C, so temperature readings below this indicate ground or ice temperatures.

Data Access Options

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2. Data in the table below can be accessed via url here:

3. Download using the API with this url:

With optional additional parameters:
1. Download the entire data file with BuoyID = 300234011751690:

2. Download the last 10 days of data:

3. Download from the beginning of the year:

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Arctic Buoys Reporting Over the Last Week
BuoyIDWMOYearBuoy TypeOwnerLogisticsLatest ReportLatitudeLongitudeBPTsTaDATA