About the maps

Daily Maps: generated every morning

  • Table of buoy information showing all buoys active in the prior week, with links to raw data.
  • Maps show the last position of buoys that reported during the previous week, identified with the last 6 digits of buoy ID or imei #,
  • Mapped Variables: latest sea level pressure, surface temperature(Ts), atmospheric temperature(Ta), and velocity.
  • Track Map: Shows latest buoy positions with drift from the last 60-days.
  • Pressure obs are plotted on ice concentration fields from NSIDC's Near-Real-Time DMSP-SSM/I-SSMIS Daily Gridded product.
    Sea Level Pressure contours from NCEP Daily Global Analyses data are overplotted. SLP data are provided by NOAA/OAR/ESRL PSD
  • Temperature obs are plotted on the same ice concentration field noted above, and on top of satellite derived sea surface temperature(SST) fields provided by NCDC. The daily SST fields are available HERE.
  • Ocean Buoys Map: locations of buoys that contain ocean data below the surface. Ocean data can be obtained via the links below. Ocean buoys include:
    Ice Mass Balance (IMB) buoys which measure basic meteorology, snow and ice conditions.
    ITP buoys which measure upper ocean temperatures and salinities.
    UpTempO buoys, which measure temperture down to 25 or 60m, and sometimes upper ocean salinity.

Monthly Maps: Shows all buoys that were active in a given month.

  • Maps show quantities available from each buoy including Barometric Pressure, Surface Temperture, and Atmospheric Temperature.
  • View monthly maps back to Jan. 2012.
  • A search tool below the map allows one to list the Buoy ID's filtered by quantity available.